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Our artisanal loose leaf teas are hand-picked harvested and small-batch packaged. We have curated a collection of herbal, black, and green teas to transport you through the tea world. The box sets are an excellent way to sample our blends, each paired in a unique combination found nowhere else, and comes with a box of our original Ohn tea bags.


When you open the packaging of this visually beautiful tea, the first thing you will notice is the unmistakable fragrance of dried peaches🍑 wafting throughout your kitchen. And if that doesn’t smell like summer, I don’t know what does!🤗


Thank you Ohn Market for finally making a jasmine green tea that smells like my childhood memories of spring. Perfectly balanced flavor/scent ratio. Can't wait to try the other flavors! And adore the tiny teabags in a box, very charming. I'll be gifting these to all my favorite humans very soon.

Sherry B.

I am a big fan of English breakfast type teas so I was curious to see how this "yellow" tea stacked up. To my great surprise, the tea was astoundingly smooth yet still delivered the substance of a good black tea. A great option for anyone who likes black teas yet is looking for something soothing to drink in the afternoon or evening. Highly recommend!


So happy I found out about ohn teas! The teas are amazing, in flavor and fragrance, and the presentation is soo beautiful. Love having the biodegradable bags. Highly recommend, specially the ginger mix!

Rebeca Fuchs

Delicious cup of tea this morning from local Holland Hill family. Bonus points for sustainable packaging with plant based ink and compostable bags.

Kasandra Marshall

The Ohn Movement

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Tea Life

We're looking inside what people put in their tea bags, drinking loose leaf tea just makes more sense since it is the whole leaf instead of the little bits in the bags

Why choose loose leaf tea?

Prefer tea bags? but you've got to look at what's inside the bag too!
Tea connects us to community and helps us experience life.

How tea connects us to our community

Ohn Market explores the relationship of tea culture and community building.
Summer fun with sun tea

Summer fun with sun tea

Make yourself some sun tea and enjoy the great outdoors

Straight from the Tea Plantations

Our small batch artisanal teas come from all around the world. We take a sustainable, and eco-conscious approach to everything we do.

We're Talking Trash

Our tea packaging and labels are eco-friendly, commercial compostable using plant-based PLA, and very lightweight! We care about your carbon footprint, less space is less waste!