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Tea, Tea Life, Eco-Tea Culture

We're looking inside what people put in their tea bags, drinking loose leaf tea just makes more sense since it is the whole leaf instead of the little bits in the bags

Why choose loose leaf tea?

Prefer tea bags? but you've got to look at what's inside the bag too!
Tea connects us to community and helps us experience life.

How tea connects us to our community

Ohn Market explores the relationship of tea culture and community building.
We should have known plastic tea bags release microplastics into our tea, so Ohnmarket tea bags which are made of unbleached filter paper. Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Micro plastics in your tea

No matter how much you try to eat green, use less plastic in your life, or avoid plastics altogether, seems like they find their way into our lives through our favorite beverage.