Why choose loose leaf tea?

Ohn Market loose leaf tea gives you the best parts of the tea without all the dust and fillers

Did you know to get your favorite teas into those tiny tea bags that fit into those flat sleeves the co-packers have to literally cut and chop your tea into little bits? And because they have to cut and chop these valuable ingredients into tiny little bits often they fill them light, so that when you steep the bag in water it has space to expand.

Do you actually know what that means? It means often you don't get what you pay for. In Ohn Market loose leaf tea you'll find whole leaves, large pieces, or full buds in every bag. This means not just that little chopped dust-filled bags make your cup of tea but you can know that every cup you make is a true cup of tea.

This is one step in getting closer to our drinking clean mission.

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