Summer fun with sun tea

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We know you're preparing for your summer. Take the time to brew some sun tea this summer. It's super easy and doesn't require much prep time.

How to make sun tea:

Take a large container or a sun tea jar like one below from Amazon

This kind of container is great since it already has a built-in spigot, and ice container built-in so it doesn't dilute your tea.

Our favorite teas to make sun tea are:

💛 Sweet Peach for that fun herbal, fruity flavor

🧡 Ginger Blossom for a zingy lemony flavor

If you want to add some caffeine to your herbal sun tea, just add one of these two light, delicate greens, or add our Afternoon black tea blend.

💚 Gu Zhang Mao Jian or Moon Palace for a light fragrant green tea

🤎 Afternoon black tea for a deeper full-bodied flavor



Fill your container with spring water, add four tea bags of tea into the water, and close your container with a lid. Put it out in the sun for about 3-4 hours. Add ice to your glass or your built-in ice holder like the one mentioned above. Pour your sun tea into your glass, taste, and then sweeten as desired.

🍹 Cheers

Photo credits: Photo by Marijana Vasic on Unsplash 

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